Eternal Masquerade

I am Eternal Masquerade, an aspiring artist from Germany with influence from Japanese, Nordic and Greek culture as well as deep roots in the thrilling world of games.

Supervised by Rita McBride I graduated from the Artacademy Düsseldorf, taught myself to work with different materials and found my current favourite in Apoxie Sculpt by Aves. Most of my work is almost completely made of Apoxie Sculpt and next to acrylic colors, real Make Up is used for colouring as well.


With a focus on sculptures and plastics I find my inspiration within the morbid and grotesque art. I let my own dreams and visions come true in the most paradox way I imagine.

What is Eternal Masquerade?


Faces or just masks?
Eternal Masquerade is what I do,
what I am,
what I believe in.
People change their faces like a mask in front of every other human being, in front of everyone and everything. No matter if friends, family, co-workers or even animals. I think even you can’t tell 100% who you really are.

You can tell who you think you are and what you believe in.
By the time the topic resolves around moral and ethic, are you really sure you know who you are?